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Ferdinand Lucke
Ferdinand Lucke

Ferdinand Lucke

Office: EO Lisbon

Country: Portugal

Title: Partner


Ferdinand Lucke helps fast-paced technology FMCG companies with solid or extensive growth ambitions, national or international, to achieve their next level, by finding their leaders of today and tomorrow. He has more than 15 years of strategic leadership and practical experience in business management under complex reengineering and a severe organizational transformation in the fast-paced technology markets, both in mature European markets and in volatile emerging markets. He has extensive national and international experience, working and living, with a deep knowledge of culturally diverse business practices, acquired in senior executive positions and as a member of executive boards for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He speaks fluent German, English and Portuguese, and has a good level in Spanish. Ferdinand Lucke, Managing Director and Master Partner of EO Executives Iberia, is responsible for establishing a solid network of Partners, Consultants and Support to help you choose the right, permanent or interim leader to succeed in your Business, through the search and staff process called executive-intro® for each client; and establishes the definition, inauguration and development of new target markets and partners. Ferdinand is with German routes has lived in and travelled around the world, has chosen Portugal as his home to stay with his family.

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